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Director of Life Groups & Connections

Small Group & Short Term Class Coordinator - oversee small group development, leaders, training of leaders. Responsibility includes interviews, coordinating on-going groups and placement of members.

Church School

Church School - A Sunday morning experience of spiritual growth through weekly bible classes to educate the congregation from Jr. Kindergarten-Kindergarten, Grades K-12, & Adults.

Higher Education & Campus Ministry Team

Higher Education & Campus Ministry Team - Encourages and helps all students to meet their educational and career goals through prayers, recognition, educational seminars, and financial resources.

Ministry Guide Team

Ministry Guide Team - mobilizes an army of ministers who are maximizing their unique gifts, heart, abilities, personalities and experiences in a meaningful place of service through Saint Mark. Provides one-to-one assistance to help persons get connected to a ministry.

More Information...

Contact the church office at 316.681.2214 

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