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Life Groups and Worship Ministries





Facilitator: Brian Robinson

Meets: 2nd Saturday of the month @ 9am

Place: Preston Hall


James: Faith That Works Synopsis – We all want a faith that won’t let us down in times of trouble or loss, uncertainty, or fear. A faith that can pull us through the worst and best of times in our lives. This is the kind of faith that James writes about. It is the faith that we practice day by day. Studying James will help us grow a steadfast faith that can carry us through life. This is a 9-week study starting Monday, September 16th.


Facilitator: Steve Thornton

Meets: Monday’s @ 7pm

Place: FLC 113


Book of Revelation – “In every age people have felt certain that the book of Revelation described events in their time. Amid the uncertainties of our age, Revelation assures us of the ultimate triumph of God.” A

14-week study, beginning September 9th.


Facilitator: Tony Newry

Meets: Monday’s @ 7pm

Place: FLC 115





President: Pearline Smith

Meets: 1st Saturday of the month @ 10am

Place: WC 211


Eula Pryor

Chairperson: Margaretta Watkins

Meets: 2nd Saturday of the month @ 11am

Place: AC 206


Christian Women in Action

Chairperson: Wanda Scott

Meets: 4th Saturday of each month @ 10am

Place: WC 211


Children of the Day by Beth Moore – The study of 1st and 2nd Thessalonians.

Ministry Leader: Wanda Scott

Meets: Tuesday @ 10am

Place: WC 210


Breaking Free Bible Study by Beth Moore

Ministry Leaders: Margaret Anderson and Karen Holt

Meets: Wednesdays at Noon

Place: Heart of Christ UMC, 856 S. Green


Hemmed In Prayer – Join the women as they talk about the goodness of the “Lord”, while they sew, knit, and crochet.

Ministry Leader: Joyce McCulloch

Meets: Wednesday @ 3:30pm (ongoing)

Place: WC 211




Christian Living In The Mature Years - This study presents a series of readings following the theme: “Our Love for God.” This study will include stimulating lessons that explore the biblical message and how to apply it to your daily life. You will learn to move from a focus on the word to reflection on personal, family, church, and community concerns.


Ministry Leaders: Ron Holt, Richard Cravens, Barbara Relf, Darryl Atkins

Meets: Sunday @ 9am (ongoing)

Place: AC 206


Senior Saints Fellowship - Need meeting information

Ministry Leaders: Renette Johnson and Vickie Sellars-Bias

Meets: 2nd Thursday @1pm

Place: PH




Prison Ministry - Saint Mark Prison Ministry has been in existence for over 20 years. Our main goal is to support families of incarcerated persons. When individuals leave prison, we will support them to be able to return to society successfully. Currently we have bible study at ElDorado Correctional facility every Monday evening, Sunday worship at ElDorado every 2nd Sunday, Winfield every 3rd Sunday and Hutchinson every 4th Sunday.


Ministry Leader: Bryan Robinson

Meets: 4th Saturday of the month @10am

Place: WC 209


What is Prayer? When do we Pray? Why should we Pray? - Prayer is a powerful weapon against the true adversaries of God’s people: principalities, powers, dark rulers and spiritual wickedness in high places.


Ministry Leader: LuTisha and EddieHill

Meets: Mondays @ 630pm

Place: PH


Care Team

Ministry Leader: Pastor Yolanda White-Oliver

Place: TBD


Entrepreneur Ministry

Ministry Leader: Paul White, Sr.

Meets: TBD


Community Missions Outreach

Ministry Leaders: Kameelah Alexander


Political & Social Action

Ministry Leaders: Larry Burks


Higher Education & Campus Ministry

Ministry Leaders: Connie Mansaw

Meets: 3rd Tuesday

Place: WC 209


YOUNG ADULT Groups (Ages 18-35)


Young Adult Ministry

Ministry Leaders: Ashley and Cameron Collins

Meets: Please contact church office for meeting information

Place: Main Campus





A weekly, Kingdom-based, learning adventure for igniting and cultivating human potential.

Meets: Wednesday @ 7pm (On going)

Place: Sanctuary


Cross Over Youth Group

Ministry Leader: Youth Minister, Jason Dennis

Meets: Wednesday @ 630pm

Place: FLC- Gym and FLC 113


Promise Keepers

Ministry Leader: Assistant Director of Children’s Ministries, Dottee Thompson

Meets: Wednesday @ 6pm

Place: Sanctuary




Zumba and Circuit training

Meets: Thursday @ 6pm (On going)

Place: FLC- Gym


Women’s Volleyball

Meets: Monday and Tuesday @ 6:30pm (Starts 9/24)

Place: FLC- Gym


Co-Ed Volleyball

Meets: Every Tuesday (Starts 10/8)

Place:FLC- Gym


Men’s Basketball League

Meets: Sunday (If interested please contact Shapel Ross)

Place: FLC- Gym

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