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“Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord. Praise the Lord!”
- Psalms 150:6


Worship @ Saint Mark is a “Farther in Deeper Down” experience. Every aspect of honor and praise is expressed when we gather. So, if you are looking for a place that is expressive, creative, true to the Word of God, loving and spirit-filled, where you can be FREE to experience the greatness of our Lord and Savior, then you have found the place. Worship at Saint Mark is dynamic, relevant, vibrant and NEVER the same! 

Whether it’s through music, dance, drama, altar guild or greeting the Saints - Magnification makes the difference at Saint Mark. 

We held a place just for you to share your gifts and talents. Join today in one of the many opportunities to magnify the King. To learn more about serving in one of the Magnification Ministries, contact Ronda Kingwood, Director of Magnification

@ (316) 681-2214 or send email

Acolyte Ministry

The Acolyte Ministry enriches the life of young children by teaching them the importance and reverence of their service in worship. Acolytes enter the church in procession at the beginning of the service as candle lighters, bringing in the light of God. They leave the sanctuary at the end of service after extinguishing the candles, taking the light into the world.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is responsible for cleaning, care and preparation of worship area. Including altar flowers, preparation of communion elements, baptism elements, decorating for holidays, and cleaning supplies.

Dance Ministry

The Dance Ministry aids the communication of the message by ministering through liturgical dance, mime, and flags during worship and other ministry opportunities.

Drama Ministry

The Drama Ministry aids the communication of the message by providing skits, duets, and dramatic readings. This also includes writing, staging, prop making, etc.


The Hospitality plan, coordinate and oversee meal preparation for meetings and other special gatherings. Includes everything from buying supplies to helping serve food.


The Greeters to provide a warm welcome for people; stationed in strategic locations ? parking area, main entrance, places where people enter the worship area.

Prayer Team

The Prayer Team prays for and follows up on every specific prayer request that comes through the prayer request cards. Offer prayer before, during and after all worship celebrations. Coordinate all church prayer chains and prayer events.

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry ministering and leading the congregation in lifting the Name of Jesus in hymns, spirituals, praise and gospels by playing Instruments and/or singing in the Cherub Choir, Angelic Choir, Youth Choir, Men?s Chorus, Women?s Chorus, Troubadours for Christ, Sanctuary Choir, Praise Ensemble, Mass Choir or the Praise Team.


The Ushers provide assistance and/or directions to persons entering the sanctuary. Ushers also distribute bulletins, receive the offering and serve in others ways as needed.

Communion Servers

Communion Servers - Communion Servers assist the pastor with distribution of the communion elements to the congregation.

To learn more about serving in one of the Magnification Ministries, contact Ronda Kingwood, Director of Magnification

@ (316) 681-2214 or send email

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